N AWARD-WINNING graphic design, letterpress printing studio, and fine press publisher, Horse & Buggy Press is located in Durham, North Carolina. Originally established in 1996 in Raleigh, we headed west and crossed over the county line in 2003. For the last nine years, we've been working out of the Bull City Arts Collaborative (which we co-founded) at 401 Foster Street in downtown Durham.

We head up the printed matter sector of the Aesthetic Police — an emergency relief agency working to counteract the continued decimation of worldwide aesthetic standards. Like any (self-appointed) regulatory agency, we aren't shy about overstepping our bounds. All kidding aside, we are serious about demonstrating the power, mystique, and aura of print. Through our work on projects large and small, public and private, we are quietly instrumental in reminding citizens about the relevance of beauty, the importance of attention to detail, and the pleasure in creating, seeing, and interacting with well-designed printed materials.

Ink on paper has lasting power. Truth. And yes, we are aware we just told you that through backlit pixels. Equally adept at utilizing hand, digital, and mechanical technologies, we use all tools available to create engaging printed materials. We are not your curmudgeonly staid colonial Williamsburg printer of yesteryear, and we are not your boutique shop kicking out cutesy schwag.

Creating contemporary work in a variety of contexts, we have won national design awards while working for a diverse range of clients near and afar. We have a legion of satisfied clients and collaborators who enjoyed the process, and end users who enjoy the artifacts produced.

This site is updated every year or three with new work. We host an open studios event on the third Friday of each month (as part of Third Friday Durham, a downtown circuit of arts exhibits and events) where recent projects are displayed for show and sale. We often have receptions for the foyer gallery exhibits we curate and which feature the work of guest artists and craftspersons in a variety of media.

For glimpses at current projects and side-spur adventures, visit the blog. Please contact us if you would like to be placed on the mailing list (e-mail only, 4-6 digital newsletters per year).

A mix of letterpress pieces produced in-house, along with work I designed and then coordinated production with digital or offset printers. All projects are tailored to the parameters, goals, and budgets of clients and the differences in options (aesthetically and economically) are clearly explained at the beginning of the process.