The last couple years we have not done a good job staying on top of documenting recent publishing projects here on the website. That will be addressed this fall (2017) with extensive blogposts on . . .

Journey: Photomontage by Catharine Carter, with texts by Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell
(2016, 112 pages, letterpress printed covers, hand-sewn bindings, a deluxe edition of 26 copies lettered A-Z which feature handmade paper covers and a print of an image not found in the book tucked inside the back cover).

Sons and Father: Wood Engravings by John McWilliams (2016, a monograph published by the Halsey Institute for Contemporary Art, 60 pages, letterpress printed covers, hand-sewn bindings, a deluxe edition of 26 copies lettered A-Z which feature handmade paper covers and a hand-pulled print of an image of the reader's choice).

Roses: Late French Poetry by Rainer Maria Rilke —
Translations and Essays by David Need with Drawings by Clare Johnson (2014, 224 pages, offset printed in two colors on heavyweight text paper, first printing with letterpress covers, second printing with offset covers, both bindings feature cover flaps).

Birdhouses broadside. 2017. To commemorate the tenth anniversary of Rob McDonald's Birdhouses book (long out of print), we published a limited edition of 54 giclee/letterpress broadsides which integrated a new Birdhouse image with a poem by Lauren Bryant.

The Fabric of Raleigh/The Fabric of Durham: Portraits by Christer Berg (2017, 120 pages, 9 x 12 trim size, hardcover, printed offset in full color with a symthe-sewn binding. We also published a limited editon of giclee/lettepress broadsides (25), one for each town which included three of the portraits from that city.

Maji Moto: Dispatches from a Drought by is an 88 page, fine press book featuring over forty color photographs, ten lyrical essays, and an introduction by Courtney along with a preface by leading field biologist Harry Greene and a foreword by Donna Haraway. More information, including how to order books or broadsides, can be found on at this blogpost, and in the near future we will have a Maji Moto subpage within this books section.

Poplar Forest (Summer 2010) was the second collaboration with Virginia-based photographer Rob McDonald who proves film-based photography (including the Holga camera) is a medium with evocative qualities and creates images with emotional resonance. There will soon be a Poplar Forest subpage for this intimate photographic portrait of Thomas Jefferson's home away from Monticello, and for which Rob also wrote an illuminating essay exploring the concept of solitute and retreat. Please visit Rob's website for details and order forms (or stop by one our open houses on the Second Thursday of every month from 5-8pm to see the book in person).

I design books—fine press titles, trade editions in a variety of genres, children's books, novels for 'tweeners, digitally printed on-demand short runs, and genealogy/family history books—for other publishers (Eno Publishers, Sleepy Hollow Books, Oxford Press, Hub City Books) and individuals who crave the extra attention to detail and collaborative process that I provide. Please find examples in the portfolio section.

There is also an independent, fine press publishing arm to the studio. These books bear the H&B imprint and have won awards for both their design and content. These top-shelf titles—housed in special collections across the globe, including the rare-book rooms of the New York Public Library, the British Library, the Library of Paris, the Vatican, and the Penland School of Crafts Coffeehouse—are not mere fetishized objects for collectors and vitrine cases. These collaborations reside in the home libraries of thousands of readers, are shared between friends, are used in college literature programs, and are donated to municipal libraries for general reading.

Publishing the work of established writers (Allan Gurganus, John Lane, Kay Byer), emerging poets and storytellers (Stephen Gibson, Courtney Fitzpatrick), accomplished visual artists (Ippy Patterson, Rob McDonald, Gail Goers, MJ Sharp, Catharine Carter), and historians (Charles Millard, Bill Price); the press brings to light important and vibrant works that often fall through the widening fissures of today’s mainstream publishing culture.

These books have a physical and emotional presence to them—a body and a soul—because of the attention to detail, tactile materials, and hand processes often used to produce them. The form of the books reflect their content visually, creating intimate artifacts which slow the reader down, and turn the reading into a true aesthetic experience. These books are one small way to reawaken our senses and connecting us more strongly to a writer’s words. In the process they enrich our lives and remind us of a rewarding alternative to an increasingly abstracted and digital world.

Many titles use a variety of production strategies to push the concept of each book becoming a unique original artifact, rather than merely exisiting as a copy of a master plan. This includes different cover images or handmade cover papers, using techniques such as photo transfers and hand-dyeing or painting which inevitably have irregular differences from piece to piece, and alternate color schemes on the title pages throughout the edition.

H&B has a community supported literature program—you know, just like a CSA. Just email or phone if you would like to be placed on this subscribers list. There are no formal obligations; we merely send out an announcement about the books and give readers an opportunity to purchase books in advance with a 20% discount.