Song of the Line

“If art proves anything, one might say that this collection proves that art is fun, eccentricity abounds, love is complicated, good things exist. Henryk and Jack are artists in the school of Durer and Horace.”ANNIE DILLARD

Each engraving, each poem, captures in lines and sing the realities of the inner and outer eye....the ones found everywhere: love, beauty, hope, folly, the tears of things, the eccentric and surprising appearances of kindness and wisdom.

This 112 page collaborative book between two friends features over eighty of Jack’s poems—written over the last twenty years—as well as ten engravings Henryk completed in response to reading Jack’s work.

Jack G. Gilbert lives with his wife on a self-built flower farm in Orange County, North Carolina. In another life, he taught English literature at LSU (and assisted his wife in her rare-book business) before retiring at age 46 to lead a simpler life—building, gardening, baking bread, writing poetry.

Henryk Fantazos was born in Poland and came to America in 1975. In spite of his Master’s Degree in fine arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, he is essentially a self-taught painter and engraver. Central to his quest is the conviction that a loving observation of reality animated by poetical inspiration should bring relevant, enduring art.

The 2007 Oxford American’s Best of the South issue featured a multi- spread collaboration between Jack and Henryk. The Fresh Eye of Henryk Fantazos detailed Henryk’s ongoing project of painting the Face of the South before it “is removed, rolled away, and rubbed out with an eraser as big as Sherman’s army of bulldozers... replaced with generic anonymity... and the nightmarish happiness of Global Nowhere.”

Song of the Line was offset printed on eggshell finish, 80lb Mohawk Superfine text paper using Charles Ellerton’s beautifully optimized version of the Bembo typeface. All copies are smythe-sewn and case bound with foil stamped linen cloth, and presented in a full color dustjacket featuring a reproduction of one of Henryk’s paintings.

The regular edition is $30 and is signed by both artists.
Two deluxe editions are also available.

Copies 1–10 are accompanied by the entire suite of ten signed and numbered copper engravings printed on 300g mouldmade paper. $870

Copies 11–100 are signed by both artists and accompanied by a single engraving (your choice). $120