above: From the 2016 Raleigh Contemporary Art Museum exhibit "20 Years of Horse & Buggy Press (and friends)."

October 2017 News.

H&B is proud to again be a sponsor of the month-long Click! Photography Festival (we also designed the program guides), and as part of the festival programming we have a seven person group photography exhibit on the main gallery wall through the end of October, with two events where some of the artists will be in attendance.

Reception Thursday, October 12, 5–8 PM

The current group photography show features the work of Rob McDonald, Bryce Lankard, Gail Goers, Catharine Carter, Christer Berg, Raymond Goodman, and Jean Christian Rostagni. The exhibit features framed and unframed photographs (gelatin silver and digital prints), giclee/letterpress broadsides, fine press books, and mixed media works. Several of the photographers will be here, along with a guest musician and the Poetry Fox who will be setting up out front.

Bookapalooza Saturday, October 21, 2–4 PM

Nine photographers; Lisa Elmaleh, Brandon Thibodeaux, Phyllis Dooney, Sean Kernan, Catharine Carter, Lisa McCarty, Christer Berg, Lori Vrba, and Heather Evans Smith; will be on hand to sign copies of their recent photography books. These titles will be on display in the gallery during our month-long exhibit.

New in the Gallery . . .

I'm setting up a mini bookstore which features a culling of monographs and exhibit catalogues from museums and galleries including The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art and Candela Gallery, literary and visual art books from other independent presses doing interesting work, and writers and artists self-publishing their works in exciting ways. Big thanks to Marc Smith for making a gorgeous cabinet to display these titles.

The newest H&B title, "The Fabric of Raleigh/The Fabric of Durham: Portraits by Christer Berg" is now in the shop and at a discounted price for a limited time. The 120 page hardcover book, with a 9 x 12 trim size, is $45 instead of $60 and the giclee/letterpress broadside limited edition is also available at a discounted price. Come on by to take a look. The book features over 45 portraits from citizens in both towns (including several palladium prints) and combines the spontaneity of street photography with the sophistication of studio photography. Roger Manley, director of the Gregg Museum of Art & Design at NC State, contributed an insightful essay which adds historical context to the project and the book also includes quotes from the photographic subjects themselves. All to say, the book is a photography book to read and re-visit, not just a coffeetable thing to flip through.

June News . . .

We had a Grand Opening back in the spring and we are hosting monthly open houses now on the Second Thursday of each month from 5-8pm.

We are making new work for a bevy of clients (books, brochures, posters, music packaging, menus), collaborations with writers and artists on new book editions, and showcasing the work of over 25 artists and craftspersons in our 500plus square foot upfront gallery. Our new studio is located in another old building (proving old buildings can have exciting new lives without being turned into "luxury apartments" or tech startup space). 1116 Broad Street is a former grocery store and we are located in between Oval Park Grille and Watts Grocery restaurant on the west side of Durham, and just up the block from another great gallery (Craven Allen), the Green Room Pool Hall, and the Joe Van Gogh coffeehouse.

"Horse & Buggy Press and Friends," is our new moniker. The gallery and showroom space features the work of dozens of established artists and craftspersons from across the Southeast. Count on being able to find work by great potters and glassblowers, furniture makers, painters, photographers, printmakers, fiber artists, metalsmiths, lamp makers, jewelers, and more; as well as exploring the occasional jaunt into a history or design exhibit; and hosting trunk shows and artist talks.)

Dedicated gallery hours are Tues-Saturday from 11-3ish, and by appt. at dave@horseandbuggypress.com

Monthly open houses are held on the Second Thursday of each month from 5 to 8ish and we often have musicians and other performers on the front porch. (Big thanks for the gallery sponsorship by Maverick Partners Realty and Fullsteam Brewery for our first year-long gallery season.)


August 2016

We are proudly—and collaboratively—celebrating our anniversary with the exhibit 20 Years of Horse & Buggy Press (and Friends) which is currently at CAM Raleigh after debuting at Cassilhaus, both venues being true gems of the Triangle.

The CAM exhibit is up until August 7 and includes special events and thematic programming featuring myself in conversation with many of the collaborating artists and craftspersons including . . .

—Kenny Roby playing music and discussing songwriting;
—H&B authors reading from their books;
—photographers Catharine Carter and Rob McDonald sharing work and discussing their H&B books;
—a bevy of the furniture makers who shared work for the show sharing more of their work and discussing their approach in a conversation highlighting the importance of craft;
—an informal evening gathering of NC State School of Design and Penland School of Crafts alums, teachers, adminstrators, friends, and fans.

Please see the recent H&B newsletter to learn about these specific CAMversation events (as well as viewing some of the pictures from the Cassilhaus events). The closing reception at CAM will be Sunday, August 7 from 4-6pm and will feature surprises and special guests.

We are excited to share favorite projects from our first two decades. We reached out to many friends to produce custom pieces and create aesthetically rich reading environments in which to engage the work. This includes custom cherry bookshelves and bookstands by Evan Lightner; floor lamps and ash and upholstered leather chairs by Scott Howell; several tables by Al Frega; a fun mixed media book rack by Tim Schrand that incorporates a ruler, leading strips, and pencils amongst the repurposed wood; custom bench cushions made from vintage agricultural feed sacks and domestically produced leather by Jessica Ullom from Hawks and Doves; a hand-forged, glass topped coffee table by Ben Galata; and a display wood table by Anthony Ulinski.

The exhibit features all eighteen of the fine press book collaborations that bear the H&B imprint, including several titles long out of print. This will most likely be the last chance to purchase several of the book editions.. A pair of 2016 book projects make their debut. Sons and Father is a 60 page book of wood engravings by John McWilliams and was produced in conjunction with his exhibit at The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art in Charleston, South Carolina. Journey is a 112 page book of photomontage by Catharine Carter which features text excerpts from Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell. Both titles feature letterpress printed covers, hand-sewn bindings, and a deluxe edition, lettered A-Z, features handmade paper covers and each of these deluxe edition copies includes a frameable print tucked inside the back cover. Many books which we've designed for other publishers are also on display, as well as exhibit catalogues designed for museums and galleries, and choice design and letterpress projects and a smattering of artifacts from the archives vault.

There are over 40 pieces of framed art by friends in the show (works pulled from the book collaborations; this includes a 30 by 42 inch photograph of West Virginia coal cars by Testify photogapher Roger May; a 6ft long H&B designed collage featuring images by Photourist photographer Andy Gershon; some absolutely amazing pen and ink drawings by Ippy Patterson from the Bestiary book; and copperplate engravings by Henrk Fantazos from Song of the Line). Additionally there are dozens of framed letterpress broadsides, posters, announcements and other print ephemera; music and film packaging projects and a listening station; and a selection of other design commissions which all contribute a historical, time capsule flavoring to the show. There are small-scale treasures and surprises for those who take the time to explore the nooks and crannies of the show.

Dividends will be paid out to the initial stockholders in a grand public ceremony at the CAM closing reception. There will be a pinata. There will be poignant and humorous stories, some of them may even be true.

Please holler if you would like to be placed on the mailing list to receive email newsletters (we send out four or five newsletters per year). We are catching up with the times and these are now these all dressed up all pretty like and we share pictures of recent and ongoing projects. They are meant to be viewed on your computer or tablet. Not your phone with its two inch screen.


R E C E N T . F I N E . P R E S S . B O O K S

Journey: Works of Photomontage by Catharine Carter, with text excerpts by Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung.

112 pages. A sequence of gorgeous gravuresque photomontages organized along the 12 chapter concept of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey. Hand-printed letterpress covers and hand-sewn over the shoulder hollow binding. Deluxe Edition of 26 copies, lettered A-Z, feature handmade paper covers and are accompanied by a print (suitable for framing) of an image not found in the book edition.

2016 .|. Edition of 300: $140. Deluxe Edition: $325. Broadside: $140

Sons & Fathers: Wood Engravings by John McWilliams.
An extensive blogpost, including photographs of the book, will be up and running by June 2017 for this 60 page artist monograph which coincided with John's 2016 exhibit at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art. A delxue edition was produced which features handmade paper covers and each of these 26 copies, lettered A–Z, includes a hand-pulled engraving suitable for framing. Both editions have hand-sewn bindings. Letterpress covers with two color offset printed interiros.

2016 .|. Edition of 200: $75. Deluxe Edition: $125.

Roses: from the Late French Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke
Translations and Essay by David Need
Pen and Ink Drawings by Clare Johnson
2014 .|. 224 pages .|. $30
*less than 5 copies of the first edition with letterpress covers remain. The second printing is in bookstores, if you would like the first edition, which is signed and numbered by David and features hand-printed letterpress covers, please contact me directly. These last five copies are being sold for $75 each.

Testify: A Visual Love Letter to Appalachia
Photographs by Roger May
Foreword by Silas House
2014 .|. amazingly, this edition of 300 has nearly sold out. We are hopeful a larger trade publisher will step in to release a second edition.
The last two copies are being sold for $200 each.

Maji Moto: Dispatches from a Drought
Photographs and Lyrical Essays Courtney Fitzpatrick
2012 .|. $140 book. $120 giclee/letterpress broadside

Maji Moto has been lauded far and wide including by the Paris Review, and Natural History Magazine.

Extensive info and images on the Maji Moto book and broadsides project can be found at this blogpost of Side Spur Ramblings (the official H&B blog). The books and broadsides are still on display and available for sale alongside other H&B work in the foyer gallery.

Website Update / Don't You Guys Have Any New Work to Share?

We're too busy to update the website. I used to claim this was a back burner project but in reality the pilot light went out quite some time ago. No doubt, it will get fired back up at some point and a kick-ass, updated website will emerge, and perhaps the odds are greater now that Jessina Leonard is helping me out as my first part-time employee; but until then, this is what we got. If you want to see more recent work then please come visit the gallery, or one of our monthly open houses, get in touch for a visit, or request to see samples in the mail (or bounce over to the blog as we will be posting case studies of projects over there). Thanks for understanding. The revolution won't happen on the Interwebs. and neither will a more sustainable, locally-weighted economy. Ya gotta get out there to make that kinda shite happen.