H&B designed or printed the music packaging and we are using our lil corner of the world to help promote the work of some interesting musicians.
Please add $3 for the first cd or record, $2 each thereafter.


Originally an extension of a conversation with his father, Gerald removes some Seger classics from the Classic Rock ghetto and reinterprets them in his own voice (and using some non rock’n’ roll instruments including accordion, electric baritone, ukuleles, and a bowed dobro).

Letterpress printed in three colors.
$6 (includes a CD for the turntable challenged listener)

Offset printed on reverse board packaging.

6 songs. available at http://www.mountain-goats.com/


cover photography by Michael Traister

Available at cdbaby.com and Kenny’s myspace page

The nom de guerre of Brent Ballantyne, Henry Sparrow was a musical persona developed to overcome writer’s block. Listen for the rooster and other interesting sounds of Chatham County deep in the background.

Letterpress printed on heavy chipboard, design by Katy Clove.
Sixteen songs, $12.