Video killed the radio star—and the internets may be killing keeping a journal and using photoalbums—but H&B happily provides beautifully rugged books built to last for those stubborn few that still understand the joy of putting pen and ink to paper, and housing photographs and special mementos in a beautiful book that will tlast for generations to come (you think your flickr account or I-photo folder is going to last til 2100? and will be passed down from generation to generation?)

Our supply is always changing. If you live in the area stop by to check out the inventory. If you live outside the area, holler at me and I will send you digital pics of the current stash.

We also enjoy making custom books in any size, often incorporating special touches like letterpress printing or utilizing scrapbook photos into the cover design.

These books are built to be lived with. No kid gloves needed. Covers are made of scraps to create one of a kind compositions which only look better when they begin to get wear marks and stains on them. I never did like hearing “ooh, these are so pretty, I could never use these,” so I stopped making books with clean handmade paper covers and went for the collage approach. By the end these books should have coffee and beer stains, dog eared corners, and grit and what not in them.

I make two types; hardcover and softcover, both of which are hand-sewn with heavy-duty linen thread in a signature based binding allowing the books to open flat, making it easy to use the whole page. The hardcover books utilize a coptic binding, and the softcover books are sewn with a long-stitch binding. Both use heavy, non-flecked recycled 80lb text for the interior pages and handmade and/ or hand-dyed papers for the covers.
Standard books are 7 x 10 inches and have 128 pages.

Hardcover Coptics $85
Softcover Longstitch $45

Ever flip through a friend’s photoalbum and the cover keeps wanting to close on you while you try to flip through? That’s bunk. H&B photoalbums are hand-sewn in a coptic stitch binding that is actually sewed into and through the cover so the book lies open perfectly flat—WITHOUT holding it down. Additionally, there is a one inch tab along the centerfold of each spread to compensate for the thick- ness of photos (or other mementos) that will be placed inside. This keeps the book from warping and becoming wonky after being filled up.

10 x 7 horizontal $120
10 x 13 vertical $155

You’ll never lose your contact info due to a computer crash if you back it up in one of these puppies. Covers are letterpress printed on handmade on heavy duty paper with a reinforced hinge. There are 4 pages for most letters of the alphabet, pages are rubberstamped in the corners for ease in flipping to the right page. Blank, unlined paper so that you will not be confined to someone else’s arbitrary grid. Extra pages in the back.

6 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches $50